"Dogwoods" Engraved Rolex by TEA

In May/June 2017 Buddy engraved his first Rolex.  He did the watch for Fin Des Temps.  Fin Des Temps is a company based out of NYC that specializes in engraved time pieces.  

This watch is covered in Dogwood flowers.  Buddy has an attachment to dogwoods as they are the state flower of his home state, North Carolina.  He grew up going to the beaches of South Carolina and developed a big admiration for Great Blue Herons.  So he decided to engrave a Great Blue Heron on the back of the watch.  

The entire design was all drawn by hand on the watch with a scribe and then engraved by hand as well.  It took Buddy over 130 hours to complete.  The watch is a Red Grape Oyster Perpetual by Rolex.