Bloodlines: A new Talisman by TEA

TEA is proud to present to you all this latest pendant titled "Bloodlines".  Countless hours went into the creation of this pendant.  It was custom made for one of our favorite clients who gave me loose parameters and set me free to work on the piece without any creative boundaries.  

During the creative process, there are always some bumps in the road.  This piece was no exception.  There were some happy accidents along the way as I like to call them.  Sometimes when you screw up, it actually enables a new creative idea to occur that may have never happened otherwise.  


This piece was handcrafted with Sterling Silver.  It features a naturally acid etched Spessartine Garnet as the main gemstone and a Rubellite Crystal as well.  There are also twenty two garnet round brilliant cut gemstones and thirty round brilliant cut F-G VS Diamonds.  

This piece was made through various techniques such as fabrication, casting, engraving, and stone setting.